Respen Th'Celaes

"Heed my arrows. They fly as lightning and are equally as deadly."


Languages: Common, Elven, Alignment: Good, Deity: Draken

Initiative: +11, Speed: 7

Hit Points: 58, Bloodied: 29, Healing Surge Value: 14, Healing Surges: 9


     Armor Class: 22 (24 against opportunity attacks)

     Fortitude: 17

     Reflex: 19

     Will: 19

Ability Scores:


     Strength: 17

     Constitution: 16

     Dexterity: 21

     Intelligence: 13

     Wisdom: 18

     Charisma: 17

     (+2 to Dexterity and Wisdom for being an Elf, +1 to Dexterity and Wisdom at 4th level.)

Trained Skills:

     Athletics: +11

     Heal: +12

     Nature: +14

     Perception: +17

     Stealth: +13


     Defensive Mobility (acquired as a bonus feat for being an archer-style ranger)

     Improved Initiative (acquired at level 4)

     Light Step (acquired at level 1)

     Skill Focus (Perception) (acquired at level 6)

     Toughness (acquired at level 2)




          Nimble Strike: Standard Action, Ranged weapon, Target one creature, +12 vs. AC, 1d10+7 damage, you can shift 1 square before or after the attack

          Twin Strike: Standard Action, Melee or Ranged weapon, Target one or two creatures, +12 vs. AC (+2 longbow) or +8 vs. AC (sickles), two attacks, 1d10+2 damage (+2 longbow) or 1d6 damage (sickles) per attack


          Shadow Wasp Strike: Standard Action, Melee or Ranged weapon, Target one creature that is your quarry, +12 vs. AC (+2 longbow) or +8 vs. AC (sickle), 2d10+7 damage (+2 longbow) or 2d6+3 damage (sickle)

         Two-Fanged Strike:  Standard Action, Melee or Ranged weapon, Target one creature, +12 vs. AC (+2 longbow) or +8 vs AC (sickles), two attacks, 1d10+7 (+2 longbow) or 1d6+3 (sickle) per attack, if both attacks hit you deal 4 extra damage


         Splintering Shot: Standard Action, Ranged weapon, Target one creature, +12 vs. AC,3d10+7 and the target takes -2 to attack rolls until the end of the encounter

                    Miss: Half damage and and the target takes -1 to attack rolls until the end of the encounter

          Split the Tree: Standard Action, Ranged weapon, Target two creatures within 3 squares of each other, +12 vs. AC, make two attack rolls and take the higher result and apply it to both attacks, 2d10+7 damage per attack


           Crucial Advice: Encounter, Immediate Reaction, Range 5, Trigger an ally within range uses a skill that you are trained in, Effect give them a +4 bonus to their check

           Elven Accuracy: Encounter, Free Action, Personal, Effect reroll an attack roll, you must use the second roll even if it's lower

           Weave through the Fray: Encounter, Immediate Interrupt, Personal, Trigger an enemy moves adjacent to you, Effect shift 4 squares



      Mundane Gear: backpack, bedroll, belt pouch, flint and steel, hempen rope (50 feet), longsword, quiver (with about 30 or so arrows in it at all times), rations (10 days or so worth), sunrods (2), torches (5 or so of them), waterskin

      Magic Itemz: healing potion, magic longbow +1wavestrider boots

      Personal Lootz: dragon figurines of platinum and silver (2 of them), necklace of hono awarded by the Lorronia family of Evermeet

Basic Attacks:

       +2 longbow: +12 vs AC, 1d10+7 damage

       sickle: +8 vs. AC, 1d6+3 damage


Physical Description:

Respen is one of impressive stature. He stands at 6'7'' and weighs about 223 pounds. His eyes are a light brown, as the trees that he feels at home with. His hair is somewhat out of the norm for elves: brown dreadlocks. He leaves his hair in a slightly tangled mess to represent the chaos of nature. Respen wears green robes that he uses to be camoflagued in the great forests of Evermeet and Faerûn alike. He likes to leave his hood up to maintain an air of mystery around himself. When speaking to a superior, such as the mayor of a town or the king of a nation, he lets his hood down and reveals himself for coutesy.

The name Respen Th'Celaes is an abbreviation of an elven phrase meaning "powerful forest hunter." He gave himself the name Respen after he reached adulthood. His former name, one given by his parents, was Dandrag Th'Celaes which is a name that is understood to mean "destined forest hunter." Respen believes himself destined for glory and dreams of far-reaching fame in the Realms. He remembers that name, Dandrag, and his family still occassionally calls him by that instead of Respen.


Respen loves to be flashy. He loves to be in the limelight and oft boasts his skills. He is extremely prone to showing off his amazing talent with his bow, shooting objects from afar and generally just performing other acts that require extreme talent. Respen is content with who he is and what he has become. He believes himself to be destined for so much in this world. Some may see him as egotistic. He does, at heart, realize that the world is not all about him and that there are many forces acting out there other than just his actions. In conversation, Respen deliberately forgets his manners when speaking to those who he feels do not deserve it. He occassionally mocks the poor for being in the state that they are in.


Respen was born in Evermeet and has lived there ever since. His mother was pregnant with him when she was making the Second Retreat. She came from a small tree-top village outside of Evereska. Respen's father was with her, however, he insisted on staying behind. To this day, Respen's father is out there somewhere, possibly dead, and he wishes to find him. She told him that his father was a great swordsman who was equally lethal with a bow. Respen longs to meet this great man that his mother tells him so much about.

Respen became friends with Septimus, one of the two twins that his mother had brought with her on the Retreat. They spent their childhood growing up together, maturing and learning from each other. Septimus attended the High Mage School of Evermeet daily to hone his inner arcane talents. During this time when his friend was gone, Respen would roam the forests of Evermeet with nothing but his bow and the clothes on his back. He dreamed of being like his father, a great archer. He had so much untapped talent in his archery that, when his mother spotted him shooting one day, she immediately made arrangements for him to train for five days every tenday with an elder archer of the island. This caused an immeasurable increase in his skills. As he grew and reached adolescence, he was the most talented young archer in all of Evermeet.

He fell in love with an elf of his age that he trained with. Her name was Talindra Lorronia. They grew closer and he spent as much time with her as he could, the time between training, being with Septimus, and roaming the woods. The two would sit in the great trees of Evermeet and talk in the light of the stars and the moon, Selûne. This grew and bloomed into a great relationship. Talindra's father was one of the elder archers and, when Respen asked him for his daughter's hand in marriage, he told him about the jade chalice. The jade chalice was a coveted family heiloom of the Lorronia family and it had been stolen long ago by orcs in a small-scale battle. He charged Respen with retrieving this to prove his might with a bow and his loyalty to the Lorronia family and his daughter.

Respen took this in stride and approached Septimus for help. The young mage immediately agreed to travel to the mailand with Respen to search for this jade chalice. He was bored with his apprenticeship and sought to gather knowledge through experiencing the world. Respen was excited and then went to his half-sister Zraela, a budding cleric of Correllon. She agreed to come with Respen and Septimus. Her and the mage had a concealed love brewing for a number of years now and she didn't want him to leave without her. With that and the word from her mother (who is also Respen's mother) of another brother of her's in the city of Waterdeep, she took up her holy symbol. Septimus gathered his things, including his spellbook and wand, and Respen got together his gear and his favorite bow. With that, they set off for Waterdeep to search for this unknown brother.

They found this human by the name of Jarthis and told him who they were, that Zraela was related to him, and that they wanted him to go with them on their adventure to recover the jade chalice. He accepted enthuisiastically, this was his ticket out of his deadend weaponsmith job. Jarthis had been a member of the Waterdeep guard before he had taken the smithy job. He was somewhat experienced in combat and added his over-sized flail to the party. While they were all preparing to leave, he told them of a friend of his who had worked with him in the guard. His name was Vlistur, and he was dark elf. Vlistur was known to most of Waterdeep and the surrounding area, for he was not a evil deceitful being as his kin are. He was a talented swordsman who fought with two double-edged swords. They approached him while he was working as a cook at a local inn. He was somewhat hesitant to join, as he does not like publicity that much. He did however decide to join them in their noble quest.

With Vlistur's added swords, they were ready to set out into the world in search of the jade chalice. First, they left for the mountains to search for Talon Pass, the last known place that the chalice was seen. Perhaps they will be the heroes that

The party was interested and they set out to search for this drow named Vlistur. He was well known across the city and even into the towns a short ways away. They found him and somewhat hesitantly agreed to join. The party was interested in him and found no trouble in accepting him as part of the group. With Vlistur's added swords and Jarthis's over-sized flail, they set off to scour the mountains in search of Talon Pass in hopes of finding this jade chalice.

Perhaps Respen and his friends will grow into the heroes that this world needs. . .


Respen seeks to become a great archer and follow in the footsteps of his father. He seeks fame and to find his father and meet him, to converse with this legendary man.

Respen Th'Celaes

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